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2017 Kindred Spirits Club and Fabric Line for

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You’re going to love the low cost and lack of rules!

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Get ready to:

  • Inspire your customers with a special experience
  • Give exclusive benefits
  • Share new fabrics and patterns
  • Buy at a low cost with few rules


Offer the Kindred Spirits Club!

In this third installment called Kindred Spirits Club Sisters, there are six unique pattern designs to make a total of seven projects. One pattern is offered in two sizes.

Projects range in size from 8” x 9” to 61 1/2“ x 70 3/4”. You can offer the patterns and designs in any order you choose. Run the club in a manner that works for your shop and customers.

  • Initial purchase is enough patterns for six participants
  • NEW! After your initial order, order only the number you need for participants signed up
  • NEW! Patterns will include a flat shot of the project
  • Shipping charges will be added
  • Patterns are ready to ship at a date convenient for you
  • The sale of individual patterns will only be available to shops offering the club, and will be ready to purchase at the end of April 2017


Shop kits with fabrics and patterns coordinated with the Kindred Spirits Sisters collection NOW through Windham, so you can get a jump start on making samples. Contact your Windham rep to order fabrics and enjoy amazing offers for the club.

Contact us for wholesale details so your shop can participate in this wonderful opportunity!